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Two Favorites Refreshed

Umi is one of our most popular and beloved series. We thought we’d revisit our Sumasshu and Naya pages with new photography that ooh’s at Naya’s subtle color variations and understated textures, and aah’s at Sumasshu’s timeless and refined glazes. Reminiscent of an artisanal stoneware tea bowl, both are porcelain, of exceptional quality and can be used indoors or out. Starting at only $4.80/SF.

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Terracotta from Antique to Industrial

Something for Everyone

Antique French terracotta is salvaged from centuries old barns with certificates of Antiquity provided by the government.

Handmade terracotta is the organic way in which your project can express authenticity and craft.

Industrial terracotta is as warm as the local soil from which it is created but it is economical and bulletproof. Most often resistant to frost; please ask about exterior application as shown.

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