Project Highlight: TWA Flight Center Hotel

Featured in the September 2019 issue of Interior Design Magazine, the TWA Flight Center is an icon of futurist design.

Built 1962, designed by Eero Saarinen to be the terminal for Howard Hughes' Trans World Airlines at JFK airport. It was laid vacant in 2002 until Beyer Blinder Belle Architects became involved with preservation and restoration, leading a 265-million dollar transformation into a hotel and events center. 

In 2010 Design and Direct Source started work with BBB to precisely restore the iconic unglazed speckled white penny tile seen on all prominent surfaces not covered in trademark chili pepper red carpeting. Later in 2018, a replication of this iconic tile was commissioned to be installed in a newly built adjacent hotel space. 

Before opening again to the public in 2019, the original terminal needed to be brought up to modern standards while maintaining historical vision. Beginning in 2017 DDS began working with INC Architecture & Design to create a large red and white gradient feature within new ADA-compliant tunnels using a Sync Hyaline Custom Mosaic.

The TWA Hotel is an iconic piece of New York architecture and finally now open for travelers to enjoy.

Photos: Alex Amend

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