Saved by Sealers

Not long ago a healthy fear of terra cotta and limestone was perfectly justified. Oils and acids could ruin a beautiful installation and commercial specifiers were reluctant to consider these subtle products for restaurants or hotels. The net affect was often a more institutional look than the designer desired in exchange for the security of a stain resistant floor.

All that has changed over the past 15 years as sealers have become a remarkable asset to tile installers and property owners. Sealers that protect and enhance or protect with no discernible change in color or sheen have opened up incredible new creative opportunities.

Recently I had an opportunity to use the best advancement in this category that I have ever seen. In a perfect “apples to apples” comparison of sealers with the following result:

Seven years ago I installed my own working kitchen (and it really IS a working kitchen) counters and a kitchen sink fabricated out of Burgundy Grey Limestone from France.

While I loved my counters and never complained of some “etching” and sensitivity to acids, I was aware that the surface (even sealed) had some drawbacks typically associated with limestone.

Six months ago we chose the same stone for our new office kitchen (also a working kitchen with many chefs!) and this time I used a sealer that was sent to me by David Simone of Quality Marble Care, a family business with a stellar reputation in tile and stone contracting.

After six months of intensive use and differing approaches to clean up, the counter still looks lustrous and is free of etching. We will probably do a simple “updating” of sealer at the end of the year (which takes just a few

minutes), but I would say that this sealer is a big hit.

Being able to appreciate your tile and stone forever requires partnerships like this one. If you are interested in learning more you can contact David Simone at 800.495.1966.