The Viceroy Hotel : A Stone Story

DDS is exceptionally proud to introduce you to New York's exquisite new addition, the Viceroy Hotel.  

We have had the honor to provide stone tiles, mosaics, slabs, and countertops for exquisite hotels and residential towers but none spark as much pride as our work for the Viceroy.  

As natural stone is a significant budget item in a project, developers and designers are determined to find the highest level of quality and service at the best price. We have been successful in providing these products for a number of reasons, one being that we listen and partner in finding the most economical way to achieve the desired design. This includes working "around" the initial request to provide options which provide advantages in terms of usage, cost, or timing.

Thirty years of great relationships with fabricators is a big plus. We do not inventory in multiple cities or have large marketing budgets,  the net effect of which is that we are very competitive. We manage the delivery and quality control with focus and dedication.

Designed by acclaimed the acclaimed design team at Roman and Williams, the Viceroy Hotel has recognized the desire of travelers to experience a bathroom that is luxurious and relaxing with details as exquisite as a beautiful home.    

Five different natural stones are used to create mosaic patterns and handcrafted mouldings, each of which brilliantly sets off the stunning herringbone floor.  

Rigorous attention to color ranges allows each special pattern to shine and the almost groutless custom netting mirrors the look of historic installations considered too labor intensive to be accomplished.  

General contractor, Hunter Roberts, embraced the beauty and complexity of the design and brilliantly watched over the detailed work that was required to execute this inspired idea.   Tile contractor, Atlantic Interiors, took on this challenge with tenacity and pride.  

We wish to congratulate everyone involved in bringing this unique project to life.  

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