TILE TRENDS: Thinner, Bigger, Greener

have just returned from the international tile and stone exhibition and there is a lot of exciting news to share.

Technology and creativity have been linked to provide products that are more sustainable than ever and are perfect for economical and efficient hotel renovations.

Sustainable Tile

Take special note of the newest porcelain panels which range in size up to three feet by ten feet and only 1/4 inch in thickness.
Just a few years ago these large scale tiles were limited in color and finish, but today they are bursting with creative palettes and subtle stone and metallic designs.

Carrefour Tile

Applied directly over substrates such as plaster, gypsum, concrete or even existing tile, this system provides an almost grout free surface that looks fresh and clean.

Exactly what does this new opportunity mean to designers, developers, and contractors?
…No need to remove existing tile that is structurally sound but “dated”.
…No need to disturb the wall behind the tile or the plumbing.
…Savings to the environment by using half of the raw materials for manufacturing, half the energy in transporting, and substantially reducing the strain on our landfills.
…A beautiful installation which requires far less maintenance ( another environmental plus!).

Pricing starts at approximately $6.25  per square foot.

Retail Tile

Retail Interior Tile

Samples are arriving soon!
Please call or email for further information.