The Sacks Family has launched a non-profit organization called The Pixie Project to fund animal rescue, adoption, and spay and neuter services for pets in low-income families. 

In its five years, The Pixie Project has rescued and adopted out over 3000 companion animals and helped countless others through it's medical programs.

The Sacks Family have always been involved in caring for pets in need, whether it was having food and blankets available in their car or funding emergency medical care.  Throughout college Amy, Ann's daughter and director of The Pixie Project, served as a volunteer for the Humane Society and became a resource for the homeless and traveling youth community who needed help with their pets.  

The family goal is to make The Pixie Project a world class animal rescue foundation committed to improving the lives of animals everywhere.  The Pixie Project focuses on providing new homes for dogs and cats that have been overlooked at area shelters, but are extremely adoptable in terms of health and temperament.  As a result of painstaking efforts to create the right partnership, The Pixie Project has a remarkable record of successful adoptions.  Their often difficult work is made joyous and rewarding by the knowledge that each day there are more happy families and pets as a result of their efforts.  

For more information please visit The Pixie Project website at