Attenui Series



Domus has 3 families developed in 9 chromatic shades to use colour in a strategic way and broaden the expressive potentials of ceramics.

In the Pol family we find, arranged from light to dark, the neutral grey shades, but also the so-called chromatic grey hues, both cold and warm, with a slight hint of blue and red, that are hidden or revealed in the interaction with the other colours.
Elementary yellow and red hues come into play in the nine bright colours that form the Fan family, arranged from light to dark: the yellow hues tend to red yet maintain low saturation levels so have a tonality very similar to the nuances of grey.
The nine colours are organised by brightness even in the Ter family with hues that tend from yellow to red. The colours here are more saturated and full therefore the yellow tint comes through in a more dominant way.

Color pop decorative accent tiles round out this collection.  This tile is available rectified.  

Starting at $5.85/sf 


Available Sizes (nominal): 
12x24", 24x24"

Available Finishes:

Available Trims:
4x24" bullnose

Product Usage:
wall, floor 

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