Unglazed Porcelain

Copper State Series




  • Unglazed porcelain in a wide variety of available colors, sizes, and shapes
  • A number of "off-the-shelf" mosaic designs to choose from (open the "decorative tab" to explore) or create your own
  • Customizable Collection

Starting at $3.20 to $4.95/SF for smooth finish field tile
Starting at $4.40 to $6.10/SF for hexagon
Starting at $3.35 to $5.10/SF for textures
* pricing varies by color. See availability chart (PDF) for details.


Available Sizes:
4x4", 3x6", 6x6", 4x12", 12x12", 4" hex, oct and dot, mosaics
* Not all colors available in all sizes. See availability chart (PDF) for details.

Available Finishes:
smooth, dot texture, diamond texture, square texture, flamed texture

Available Trim:
bullnose, cove base, beak, radius beak, corner, radius corner, pool edges, step

Product Usage:
wall, floor, commercial, residential, exterior

DCOF: 0.62

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