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In 2006 after retiring from the company eponymous of her name, our founder Ann Sacks had a vision to create a sophisticated yet affordable collection of tile and stone. Along with product there would be a focus on customer service to engage with and allow designers to pursue their creativity and desired aesthetics, while meeting the timing constraints and budget realities of commercial projects.

With her guidance, eye for product, and industry influence, we have built strong manufacturer relationships worldwide. By having a deep understanding of how specific materials are made we can match our customer needs with the most qualified maker. Through the kind and generous support of our design clients we have grown to be a go-to source for creative materials on a large commercial scale and we are now proud to call some of the top design firms in the world our partners.

At Design & Direct Source (DDS), we take pride in providing the best products at the best prices while offering creative and timely responses to your requests. We happily provide samples, product technical information, and pricing as quickly as possible with region-dedicated project teams.


In every relationship with our valued vendors the issue of sustainable practices is paramount. The ability to reach certain goals varies a great deal based upon the specific product, but we are proud to work with world class manufacturers and quarries that are committed to knowledge, incremental improvements, and transparent practices. We rate sustainability based on the following practices:

Recycled Content:
Tile with identifiable recycled content either post-industrial or post-consumer. This includes glazes and tile body.

Natural or Renewable:
Adaptable, reusable, or recyclable components. Does not lead to use of unsustainable materials.

Ecologically Responsible:
Non-toxic or non – hazardous to occupants and installers. Material does not require damaging maintenance, replacement or disposal practices.

Resource Efficient Manufacturing:
Products manufactured with resource-efficient processes including reducing energy consumption, minimizing waste (recycled, recyclable and or source reduced product packaging), and reducing greenhouse gases.

Efficient Sourcing and Transportation of Materials:
Product components found locally or regionally saving energy and resources in transportation to factory. Factories where products are manufactured are local to job site or to major port thereby reducing the transportation


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