TILE TRENDS: It Takes a Village

Long before Americans began to consider the consequences of extensive transportation, Europeans were organized to manufacture and consume locally. Europe’s local purchasing practice has not only been motivated by resource conservation (remember that petro costs double what it does in the States) but a tradition of appreciating regional variety.

Go to a restaurant in Verona and you will likely be offered a red wine made from grapes of the very same district. Drive just an hour south to Bologna and instead you’ll be given a Bolognese bottle with your tortellini. Similarly, the mushrooms, cheeses, and pasta shapes are all representative of local habits and traditions. Families produce and vend their wares within their community, preserving a distinct culture that is valued for its authenticity.

The same holds within the industry of tile, both artisanal and industrial.

France, for example, is famous for villages in which the terra cotta is extracted just meters from the studios, using a communal quarry. Local tile makers with a long trade history are employed to craft the terra cotta into the village’s particular tile variety. This is a healthy manufacturing system that sustains both the community’s economy and tradition.

The Mid Century line from the Ravenna Series mixes old world charm with refined simplicity.

DESIGN AND DIRECT SOURCE is proud to carry a wide selection of tiles from these traditional regions, in support of local custom. Please call or email for further information.

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