Granito Terrazzo

Gemma Series



Hard and durable and derived from 100% recycled aggregate in a cement base, the granites in this series are characterized by their resistance to wear in high traffic areas.

Polished, Honed and Diamond Cut finishes Starting at $6.00/SF
Sandblasted finishes Starting at $7.50/SF

Custom colors available with minimum order quantity of 10,000/SF


Available Sizes (nominal):
12"x24"x2cm, 16"x16"x1.5cm, 24"x24"x2cm
 - custom sizes available up to 24x24"
 - slabs are not available

Available Finishes:
honed, polished, diamond cut, antiqued, sandblasted
(Samples stocked in honed. Others available by special request.)

Product Usage:
wall, floor, residential, commercial, exterior

Colors marked with an asterisk (*) have a minimum order quantity of 1,620 SF.
Other colors are generally stocked in Europe and do not have a minimum order quantity. However, as this is an import item, larger quantities will be more cost-effective to transport.


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