Terra Tintura

Miro Series



Traditional and handmade Spanish terracotta tile made using all-natural elements fired in kilns fueled wholly by almond shell biomass, then stained with oils and pigments.

Starting at $10.20/SF


Available Sizes (nominal):
Squares: 4"x4" (x 1.1, 1.3, 1.6 or 2.2cm), 4.9"x4.9"x1.3cm, 5.1"x5.1"x1.1cm, 6"x6" (x 1.3, 1.6, or 2.2cm), 8"x8" (x 1.3, 1.6 or 2.2cm), 10"x10"x2cm, 12"x12"x1.6cm, 12"x12"x2.2cm, 16"x16"x2.5cm, 18"x18"x2.5cm, 20"x20"x3cm, 24"x24"x3cm

Rectangles: 3"x6"x1.4cm, 4"x8"x2.2cm, 4"x24"x2.2cm, 6"x8"x1.6cm, 6"x12"x2.2cm, 8"x12"x2.2cm, 8"x14"x2.2cm, 8"x16"x2.2cm, 8"x20"x2.5cm, 8"x24"x2.4cm, 12"x16"x2.5cm, 12"x24"x2.5cm, 16"x24"x3cm

Hexagons: 4"x1.6cm, 6.3"x1.6cm, 8"x1.6cm, 12"x2.2cm 

Octagons: 4"x1.6cm, 6"x1.6cm, 8"x1.6cm, 12"x2.2cm, 16"x2.5cm, 20"x3.5cm

Pickets: 4"x8"x1.6cm, 6"x12"x1.6cm, 4.75"x16.5"x2.2cm, 4.75"x21.7"x2.5cm, 3"x6"x1.6cm, 1.5"x5.5"x1.6cm

Available Finishes:
sealed stain

Product Usage:
floor, wall, shower floor, commercial, residential
 *not recommended for exterior use in any climate

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