Upside Down

Siren Series




​Upside Down takes porcelain stone looks to new levels.  With a .6 COF wet and .7 dry, the interior texture is suitable for all flooring, from residential to high traffic commercial. The exterior texture, made to resemble heavily bushhammered stone, is perfect for all exterior applications including light vehicle traffic.  Upside Down's "flipped" matte finish models the texture of the back of a cut stone slab.  Aside from traditional installation, this is also suitable for dry installation on grass, sand or gravel, as well as on available supports (draining, fixed, adjustable and self-leveling).  

  • stone look porcelain
  • high COF
  • available in both 11 and 19 mm thicknesses
  • interior texture, exterior "anti-slip" texture and matte "flipped" texture

Starting at $3.60/sf 


Available Sizes:
12"x24", 24"x24", 16"x32", 32"x32" + mosaics

Available Finishes:
textured, anti-slip textured, matte

Available Trim:
bullnose, "L" shape, step, curved edge, fixed support, adjustable support, self-levelling support

Product Usage:
wall, floor, exterior, pool deck

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